Tiffany Pai

Levitation Music Festival

A proposed Identity design for Levitation, a psychedelic music festival in Austin, Texas. We took inspiration from The Memphis Group but wanted to keep the overall identity distinctly psychedelic.

In Partnership With
Renee Freiha  

ADC, Young Ones 2020, Merit 

A variable logo and a library of textures created the basis for the identity. We wanted to ensure that, although fun and purposefully eclectic, the body of work would feel cohesive.

Tickets and RFID wristbands have corresponding color palettes to reflect different days of the festival and different tiers of tickets.


Brand identity for Mosaic, a podcast that showcases personal stories centered around American migration from a non-political perspective.  As the show seeks to empower individual voices and in doing so highlight a universal human experience, it was important that the identity reflected that by being ecletic, colorful and warm.

Identity design

No Hate

No Hate is a (fictional) quarterly journal dedicated to combating the global proliferation of hate. It’s my response to the current rise of populism, xenophobia and misogyny. I aimed for this to be an outlet to millennial frustrations while highlighting resistance efforts in the arts and literature.

Print Design

TDC 66, Communication Design, 2020

Museum of Chinese in America

The Museum of Chinese in America (MOCA) is dedicated to preserving and celebrating the history of Chinese-American immigrants.

I created an identity system based on tweaking the iconic American colors of: red, white and blue. I also used a grid system that’s commonly used for learning how to write Chinese characters as a way of acknowledging the museum’s emphasis on education.

Identity design


Identity and album designs for Brooklyn based Hip-hop/jazz band Honeytrap. Honeytrap wanted an identity that represented their ideals of being: welcoming, fresh and playful.  


Identity, Web design, Album design